Irish Communication Company has led the industry in providing turn-key communication systems since 1985. Irish Communication Company was formed to diversify the service offerings of our parent company Irish Construction, which has been an industry leader in underground utility construction since 1919. Together, The Irish Companies offer comprehensive solutions from the right-of-way to the desktop.
Irish Communication Company was founded on a tradition of service-first. We recognize value to customers is measured by the quality of service we provide, and that comes first. Coupled with world-class product offerings and competitive pricing, Irish Communication Company is recognized as a leader in the design, engineering, project management and implementation of complex communication solutions throughout California. Solutions which include underground substructure, large scale aerial builds, inter-building and intra-building backbone systems, high-speed horizontal cabling systems and converged networking solutions. Irish Communication Company has established long term relationships with customers in all vertical markets including healthcare, Fortune 500s, entertainment, bio-tech, federal government, communications, higher education, K-12 and public utilities.

Irish Communication Company has also maintained market position through continuing training and deployment of advanced equipment to our field professionals. Irish Communication Company has a long history of conducting industry sponsored training in-house, as well as utilizing various certification programs such as the RCCD program sponsored by BICSI. Training is conducted on a regular basis to ensure field personnel are familiar with changing industry standards, electrical codes and the latest advances in technology. Irish Communication Company also owns and maintains the latest equipment such as fusion splicers, OTDRs, cable scanners, power meters and cable pulling equipment to ensure proper installation and verification of the installed system.

With a long history in California, Irish Communication Company has implemented projects using our office locations in Sacramento, Morgan Hill, Los Angeles (Rosemead Corporate) and San Diego. We provide customers with consistent quality on large installations. Irish Communication Company has the distinction of successfully implementing one of the largest cut-overs in telecommunications history; a flash cut of 32,000 subscriber lines throughout California for Verizon Communications.

Irish Communication Company’s history and long term investments in California’s telecommunication industry ensure that we have the resources and financial stability that allow us to remain a leader in the telecommunications market.