Communication & Power Conduit System Construction
Utility Vault Construction
Conduit Rodding & Cleaning
Direct-buried Cable & Plowing
Directional Boring
Concrete Sawing
Innerduct Placing
Asphalt Planing & Grinding

Road Coring / Vacuum Potholing

Communication & Power Conduit System Construction
Various types of conduits are used to accommodate communication, data, video, and Cable TV systems. Electric power systems are run through specially segregated conduits to avoid interference with communication transmissions and to comply with construction codes.

Once the conduits have been installed, the other half of The Irish Team, Irish Communication Company, can provide the service for placing copper, coaxial or fiber optic cable. Repair and restoration crews are also available to locate and restore damaged cable or conduits.

When working in non-metropolitan areas the direct-buried method can be used to place cable. Depending on conditions, placement methods can vary from hand-digging to the use of sophisticated mechanized equipment.

Utility Vault Construction
Underground conduit systems are pre-designed to anticipate future expansion and eliminate unnecessary excavation when additional cables are added. Utility vaults are an integral part of underground conduit systems.

They provide easy access to the cables in the system during construction, repair, and maintenance. These vaults, which can be prefabricated or poured-in-place, range in size from l'x 2'x1' to 12'x15'x15' or larger.

Conduit Rodding and Cleaning
Rodding is one of the final procedures in the installation of a new conduit system. It not only tests, but actually proves, the integrity of the system.
Rodding is also valuable for existing systems. Performed prior to the installation of copper, coaxial or fiber optic cables, it gives the system a thorough cleaning and also enables pull-ropes to be installed for pulling new cables through the conduits in the future.

When performing the rodding operation, Irish Construction always works in close coordination with our customers. This enables customers to stay on top of their schedules and meet their deadlines.

There is nothing more annoying to a customer than an unsightly area after the completion of a project.

At Irish Construction, a project isn't complete until the area has been filled, compacted and the surface restored to its original state. In fact, the area is usually better than its original state when completed.

Whether it's concrete, asphalt or landscaping, the restoration work is done quickly and professionally so there is no inconvenience to the customer, the city or local residents.